Professional Services

Professional Services

The challenges you face are complicated – SeerTek can help you implement effective solutions to meet them.

SeerTek Professional Services offers a myriad of services such as technology optimization solutions, IT onsite support, and technology managed services, as well as helping companies implement green technology solutions.

  • Consulting Services

    SeerTek experts work with you to assess your specific needs, design and develop effective solutions, rapidly deploy applications, and extend your systems to partner communities.

  • Managed Services

    SeerTek can reduce your need for specialized training or dedicated staffs by providing the IT human resources and expertise you need to manage your SeerTek solution, either in-house or remotely.

  • Hosted Services and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

    SeerTek (SafeScale ®) enables you to outsource complex parts of your IT infrastructure, with custom hosted environments, or pre-built subscription-based solutions. This level of service allows you to rapidly deploy the latest technology while minimizing your implementation costs.


SeerTek Systems and Implementation Services

SeerTek Systems and Implementation Services professionals are committed to making your solutions successful. Our professionals are available to help you at every step of the way, from initial needs assessment to day-to-day management and support – for as much or as little time as you need us.

  • Assess
    We conduct on-site audits to rapidly assess the business, technical, and security needs of your organization and partner community. We'll work with you to:
    • Determine your integration, translation, data exchange and security needs
    • Design solutions that complement your existing infrastructure and architecture
    • Develop detailed implementation plans that meet the needs of your enterprise and your extended partner community
  • Deploy
    We help you rapidly deploy solutions in a robust and sustainable way with services that include:
    • Quick-Start packages for standalone solutions
    • Installation, configuration, and tuning of complex systems
    • Migration and consolidation from legacy systems
    • Data mapping and conversion
  • Extend
    We help you extend your reach to partner networks and supply chains, and customize solutions to meet your exact needs. Services include:
    • Community enablement
    • End-user (partner/customer/supplier) provisioning
    • Integration with third-party platforms
    • Development of custom code
  • Manage
    We help you manage, maintain, and tune your systems to optimize your investment and adapt to changing business needs. Our experts can:
    • Maximize uptime, enhance performance, and ensure reliability
    • Minimize disruption from upgrades and external changes
    • Provide ongoing support for customized solutions

SeerTek Managed Services

As businesses get leaner, IT departments must become more efficient and agile. SeerTek can provide highly trained IT outsourcing — working onsite or remotely, full time or part time — with the exact knowledge you need to keep your systems running efficiently. This service allows you to reduce software management costs, improve operational efficiency, and focus on your core business.

The many benefits of SeerTek Managed Services include:

  • Predictable costs
  • Reduced specialized training needs for your staff
  • Flexibility and scalability to rapidly meet changing business needs
  • Helpdesk management
  • Streamlined support and issue escalation

SeerTek Hosted Services

Many organizations today are seeking ways to reduce their infrastructure footprints while expanding their reach and flexibility.

SeerTek Hosted offerings branded as SafeScale® help you reduce your infrastructure costs, increase reliability, and improve the agility of your organization to respond to new needs and opportunities. With these solutions you can:

  • Move all or parts of your infrastructure to the cloud and let us take care of it
  • License, lease, or subscribe to solutions
  • Rely on SeerTek experts to keep your solutions running
  • Maximize uptime with industry-leading SLAs and Quality of Service
  • Rely on robust datacenters that provide the highest levels of reliability, security, and flexibility


Providing value to our active customers, 17 years history of successful implementations in the Retail, Manufacturing & Distribution, and Telecom.